Strategic Planning Unleashed is Released

StrategicPlanningUnleashedWebsiteCoverHey everyone.  I’m excited that my new book: Strategic Planning Unleashed is ready for release.  I co-authored this one with Ronald Recardo, Managing Partner of The Catalyst Consulting Group.  It was a bit of a departure from my prior non-fiction projects and light years away from fiction works, but an excellent opportunity to work with one of the innovators in the field.  I hope it help companies large and small make the most of their planning process.  Here’s a brief synopsis.

Strategic Planning Unleashed

Despite its importance, few companies have cracked the code on strategic planning. Meetings occur, white boards are filled, and then somehow, magic happens – a binder appears, supposedly summarizing the decisions agreed to by the leadership team. Unfortunately, that is where the magic ends. The strategic plan is rarely used and left to languish on a credenza till next year.

Most strategic planning books focus on theoretical frameworks or rely on an approach endorsed by a single “ideal company”. Generic models and classroom-inspired case studies rarely hold up to the rigors of the real world. And though it’s true that some companies have obtained success in strategic planning, there is no guarantee that their approach will work for your organization – there is no sliver bullet!

Written by seasoned practitioners who have applied the tools in over 200 client companies, Strategic Planning Unleashed provides a practical, comprehensive playbook for each phase of the process; Environmental Assessment, Internal Capabilities Assessment, Strategy Development, and Strategy Deployment.

The methodology is scalable to different sized organizations and includes many strategic planning tools that are not in the public domain.

Regardless of your company’s size, complexity, offering portfolio, or geographic scope, Strategic Planning Unleashed will help your organization analyze its external environment, reach consensus on your sources of competitive advantage, identify a business strategy, and execute it seamlessly.


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