bbbBoth Sides of Broken
It’s hard to stop a hitman from killing your father.  It’s even harder when you’re dead.

Jonathan Holiday and his two brothers are desperate for money. Their comatose father has it, but his hospital meter is ticking away. In an effort to save themselves, the three arrange to have the abusive old man murdered. After hiring the killer, Jonathan has a change of heart. Unfortunately, he also has a suspicious accident. Now he must battle back from a series of “After-Earths” to convince his self-absorbed, cash-strapped brothers to stop a supernatural hit man from doing his job.

Both Sides of Broken is a story about defeating demons – those of this life, those in the next, and most importantly, those within ourselves.


5d161c8d30b70edcceea42f0b1987c10c7348436-thumbLunches With Larry
God and a nuclear fuel broker meet in a sports bar to discuss women, work, and other life mysteries… What sounds like the start of a classic political joke, is actually the beginning of a thought-provoking philosophical adventure. Set against the scandalous decline of the largest, privately-held business empire in the nuclear brokerage industry, Lunches With Larry follows a young, romantically-challenged, business misfit on his crusade to find true love, lasting friendship, and the answer to the oldest of questions.

If you’ve ever felt confused, lost or all alone in a world you can’t quite figure out; if you’ve ever thrown up your hands in frustration and shouted, “I just don’t understand anything anymore,” pull up chair, settle in with a spot of tea, and have a look. You may find something you’ve never lost and loose something you’ve never needed.


Two-minutes-cover1Two Minutes Too Late
We’ve all been there – missed the boat, missed the point, missed the chance at that something or someone special now long gone. We ache for a do over knowing full well if the wish were granted it would forever change the person we’ve become. Two Minutes Two Late is a collection of stories detailing the missteps of a hapless romantic. From career blunders and criminal exploits to dating debacles to goodbyes unsaid, it reminds us that while follies happen the future is unwritten and ours to explore.



tadThe Amazing and Somewhat Sarcastic Tad
This is a largely ridiculous coming of age adventure book set in the 1980’s. It’s sure to make you chuckle and aggravate any idly standing authority figures.

So here’s the gist: Six Florida-based buddies struggle to maintain their youthful idealism as they travel to New York to stop a local mob boss from blackmailing their friend. During their quest they are guided by a talking tree; a partially invisible spirit-like substance; a hyper-galactic, Bee-ben-bobble playing number stealer; the evil corporate Zukes, and a semi-superhero called Barley Man. After navigating a series of moral dilemmas they stand ready to fight for life, love, and a big bucket of cash.

A special note for “old” people:
Sometimes parents forget to take their children seriously. Whether it be their emotional stability, their ideas on spirituality, or even something as simple as their tastes in music; somehow, some way, many kids get the feeling that you’re just shrugging them off. Sad really. Perhaps we should enhance the dialogue. After all, kids have so much to say, and so much to ask.

So chill out already. Sure the book contains some off-color humor and a few whacky philosophies, but hey look on the bright side, your kid is literate. Way to go parent people! Besides, how badly can it warp their brains? I think the Internet has that covered. Loosen the reigns. Let them dream a little. Who knows, you might decide to join them.